Script Writing



  • What is a story? Definition of a story. Understanding the elements of a story.
  • Script writing is telling story through Scenes.
  • Difference of writing for print medium and screen medium. Comparison of the  both.
  • Source of a story idea. Germination and nurturing an idea. Target audience of the story or script.
  1. Structure of a Screenplay.
  • Chronology
  • Time span of the story.
  • Creating curiosity i.e. What next?
  • Creating the logic in the script i.e. why next?
  • Creating Emotion in the script.
  • Three Act structure.

2. Characterization

  • Character background.
  • The goal or need of the character. What he or she wants to achieve in the story span?
  • What are the obstacles against that goal.
  • What he/she does to overcome the obstacles or how they come into terms with it i.e. the action line of the character.
  • Their internal turmoil.i.e. the emotional line of the character.
  • The character as well as what they do are the subject of the story or script.
  • Story is a journey of a character. The character should evolve through the story. They cannot stand still.

3. Film Dialogues. It’s realistic as well as purposeful nature.

  • Dialogue reveals the character as well as steers the story.
  • Importance of gestures instead of dialogue.

4. Scenes

  • The basic unit or block of the script. Scene is an event.
  • Choice of location and time of scenes. Location and time say many things which can help the scene. Importance of Location & Time.
  • Context and Content of a scene.
  • Scene Structures.

5. Genres of Films

6. Twenty Master Plots for every script.

  1. Analysis of masterworks as we proceed through this curriculum as well as Writing and developing short scripts by the students.