Learn Acting Course in Kolkata - RACPA Film Institute

The aim of the acting course is to help performers to become confident and comfortable in the skills needed by an actor today in order to secure quality and regular acting works. Acting includes the classes of theory, physical acting, anchoring & grooming. At the end of the course, every student has to act in a SHORT film ( 5 min. to 8 min.) and qualify the final written and practical examination conducted by the external examiner.

Details of Our Acting Course Module

Definition Of Acting & History Of Acting: About Acting / About Art / Ancient Eastern And Western Acting / Modern or Contemporary Acting

The Script: What is a Script, Script formats, Plot and Storyline, Character Analysis?

Understanding of human emotions: An overview of human emotions that every actor needs to portray in any role- joy, sorrow, love, anger, frustrations, depression etc. Normal mind vs abnormal mind.

Elements Of Acting: Gesture / Posture / Modulation / Dialog and Speech pattern / Composition / Expression / Relaxation of Mind. / Improvisation

Different Acting Medium : Audio / Video / Film / Stage

Analysis-Discussion of Films and with Films: Analysis Of Films / Performing.

Training the actor’s mind: Exercise on concentration, memorizing, relaxation and observation.

Physical Acting: Mime & Facial expressions

Voice Acting: Voice modulation and delivery, Diction, Pronunciation

Actors Preparation: character Analysis / Grooming.

Acting in film and television: Film lights, Facing the camera, Voice acting for microphones, Exercises in acting before the camera with lights, Discussion with shooting footage, Exercises in acting out scripts

Make-up, Costume, Grooming, and fashion: Exercises in acting before Camera with Make-up

Practical on Camera (Differentiate of Shots, Shot Division with audiovisual & Camera Practical )

Final Shoot with full set up like Camera, Light, Sound, Make-up, Costume, Edit, and Screening.

Monthly Examination: Written and Practical Examination is taken by the institute in Monthly basis.