Editing Course in Kolkata - RACPA Film Institute

Editing includes storytelling, rhythm, tempo, and emotion. A good editing sense is absolutely necessary to creatively structure a cinematic work. This course will teach students the basic knowledge and concepts of editing, and develop their editing sense in practical editing assignments.

The course is composed of two parts, theory and practice. For theory, lectures will be given with illustrations from films. For practice, students will be assigned editing exercises throughout the course to ensure that they apply and realize what they have learned in class.

Details of Editing Course Module

Introduction and history of Editing. Opening Final Cut Pro, Exploring the Interface, Using Menus, Shortcuts and the Mouse, Viewing and Sorting Events, Skimming Clips and Changing Views, Viewing and Creating Projects, Working in the Project Library, Viewing Projects in the Timeline and Quitting Final Cut Pro Importing.

Importing Media into an Event, Importing Folders as Keyword Collections, Analyzing and Correcting Imported Clips, Importing from a Camera, Importing from the Finder and Importing from Other Applications Organizing Clips in an Event.

Using Metadata to Customize an Event, Adding Keywords to Clips, Assigning Multiple Keywords to Clips, Applying Keywords to a Clip Range, Rating, Sorting and Searching Clips and Creating Smart Collections.

Building a Rough Cut.

Creating a New Project, Screening and Marking Clips, Appending Clips in the Timeline, Viewing and Arranging Clips in the Magnetic Timeline, Inserting Clips into the Primary Storyline.

Changing Edited Clips, Connecting Clips to the Primary Storyline and Closing your Project.
Finishing a Rough Cut.

Adding Markers to a Project. Connecting Clips to the Primary Storyline, Overwriting and Replacing Clips, Auditioning Clips in the Project and Working with Storylines.

Duplicating a Project, Removing Clip Selections and Adding Gaps, Understanding Trimming.

Applying Transitions. Preparing for Transitions, Applying a Video Transition, Using the Transitions Browser, Modifying Transitions, Changing Transition Parameters in the Inspector, Adding Transitions to Other Storylines and Compound Clips and Exploring Audio Transitions.

Working with Sound. Monitoring Audio in the Timeline, Adjusting Audio in the Timeline, Adding Music and Sound Effects, Adjusting Levels in the Audio Inspector, Creating Audio Fades, Recording Voiceovers and Correcting Problem Audio.

Working with Titles, Generators and Themes.

Using the Titles Browser, Adding a Lower Third, Modifying Titles, Adding Bumpers and Credits.

Understanding Basic Motion Properties, Changing Clip Speed, Creating Holds and Variable Speed Segments, Applying Present Speed Effects, Transforming an Image, Cropping an Image.

Creating Keyboard Shortcuts. Applying Effects and Enhancing Color Applying Video Effects, Modifying Effect Parameters, Auditioning and Animating Effects.

Applying Audio Effects and Enhancing Color in Final Cut Pro.

Sharing Your Project.

Preparing a Project for Sharing, Sharing a Master File, Publishing a Project to Apple Devices, Publishing a Project to Video Sharing Sites, Exporting an Image from your Project, Exporting for DVD, or Disk Image, Backing up Projects and Events.