Film Direction Course in Kolkata - RACPA Film Institute

RACPA follows the curriculum of leading international film institutes. The courses are comprehensive and would ensure the all-round development of students, turning them into proper film-makers.
The course features an entirely practical approach equipping students with a keen understanding of storytelling and enough hands-on experience in character development and actor direction to become a valuable asset to the Director’s team. Students will learn how to generate ideas within a dramatic framework and how best to apply them from initial concept through to story structure, scriptwriting, dialogue and their successful reproduction on screen.

Details of Film Direction Course Module

Understanding the Medium
History and the developments of Cinema in the last 100 years
How to study a film
Fundamentals of Film Language
Basics of Film Direction
Basics of Videography
Videography Practical
Elements and Tools of Independent Filmmaking.
Mechanism of storytelling.
Character, Plot and Story Development
Different Narrative Structures
Writing for different Genres.
Dialogue Writing.
Scene Analysis.
Elements of Mise-en-Scene
Screenplay writing and storyboarding
Shot division and Shooting script preparation
Lighting Practical & Camera Exercise
Scouting Locations.
Budget preparation and Shooting planning
Project Management.
Production Design.
Art Direction
Directing Actors
Camera Operation
Camera Exercise
Film Lighting
Lighting Practical
Sound recording essentials.
Continuity checklist
Fundamentals of Editing.
Working with Music.
Practical with all the above-related topics.
Assessment of the student will be done every month.
Projects: Every student has to make one SHORT film ( 5 min. to 8 min.)