Cinematography Course in Kolkata - RACPA Film Institute

RACPA’s Cinematography course in Kolkata is a comprehensive course on handling the latest camera equipment. The course will also involve theoretical as well as practical training with light and sound that will separate a professional from an amateur. Assessment of the student will be done every month through written and oral examination. There will also be additional shooting sessions on floors. At the end of the course, every student has to make one Short Film ( 5 min. to 8 min.) and qualify the final written and practical examination conducted by the external examiner.

Details of Cinematography Course Module

History – Cinema and Camera.
The Grammar of Film Making.
Basics of Photography.
Lights and Colours.
Image formation and exposure.
Lens and its function.
The depth of field, understanding of white balance and color temperature.
Different Shots, camera movements, and image composition.
Digital medium basics, still photo analysis.
Photographic Filters, Exposers, Lenses.
Perspective, Raw Stock.
The art of lighting, Introduction to photographic lights, lighting practical, demonstration of 3 point lighting.
Event Photography
Films and Video Camera.
Special Shooting Technique.
Lighting and camera operations (Practical)
Use and importance of handheld camera in a cinema.
Colour theory, creative use of color.
Shot design, demo and hands-on workshop with 5D.
Demo and practice with Track – Trolley.
Film analysis from camera movement perspective.
Film analysis from the lighting perspective.
Camera Practice.
Understanding film production.
Sound Recording.
Basics of Editing.
Shooting on HDV, D50, 5D Mark III, RED 1, Arriflex Movie Camera.
Practical with all the above-related topics.
Projects: Every student has to make one SHORT film ( 5 min. to 8 min)
At the end of the course, there will be a final written and practical test conducted by the external examiner. Every student has to qualify the examination to obtain the certificate.