Mar 08


The aim of the acting course is to help performers to become confident and comfortable in the skills needed by an actor today in order to secure quality and regular acting works. Learn More

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Mar 07


RACPA follows the curriculum of leading international film institutes. The courses are comprehensive and would ensure the all-round development of students, turning them into proper film-makers. Learn More

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Mar 06


RACPA’s CINEMATOGRAPHY course is a comprehensive course which includes theoretical as well as practical training with light and sound that separates a professional from an amateur. Learn More

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Mar 05


In RACPA’s Script Writing program, students will work with leading industry practitioners to develop their screenwriting, pitching and story-breaking skills. This course could be said as a genuine gateway of the film and television industries. Learn More

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Feb 27


Its a unique course that explores the practical, conceptual and managerial skills relating to design and art direction. In this course, students learn a range of skills associated with being a practice-based designer and develops their creative vision. The course takes a multi-disciplinary approach to Learn More

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Feb 26


Editing includes storytelling, rhythm, tempo, and emotion. A good editing sense is absolutely necessary to creatively structure a cinematic work. This course will teach students the basic knowledge and concepts of editing, and develop their editing sense in practical editing assignments. Learn More

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