"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible" - Oscar Wilde

Royal Academy of Cinema & Performing Arts (RACPA) is an  first of its kind Film & Television Institute & Acting school in Kolkata with its International connect and standard. Founded by the collegium of Award-winning Eminent Writers, Directors, Producers, Artists and Scholars from all over the world. RACPA is an educational initiative from Royal Society of Television and Motion Pictures ( RSTMP ) to bring the world class Cinema and Acting School here in Bengal , India

We started our journey in February, 2018 at Jadavpur, Kolkata  India. The core objective and vision of  RACPA acting school is to promote education and awareness about film, television and motion pictures in general, and the messages these all medium convey to the society through their arts to enrich lives of the audiences , the citizen of the country .We aim to establish, care for and develop collections reflecting the moving image history and heritage of the world. We believe that cinema has the power to promote the fundamental values of humanism in this individualistic world to transform lives. We present & take our students through year-round curriculum that includes professional training programs, workshops, seminars, publication of research papers, premieres of new films from an international roster of established and emerging directors, major retrospectives, in-depth filmmaker talks and high profile events.

RACPA is committed to its responsibility to render the service of educational excellence, which is deeply linked with Society. Our mission is to inspire a new community of creative screen professionals, educating them in the evolving digital world of story-telling across multiple devices and platforms. The organization best equips its graduates eyeing for a successful career by putting the best interest of the industry at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to offer the Greatest Acting School in Kolkata of Global Standard,allowing our students to walk through seamlessly into work, using learnt experience from RACPA, to help businesses adapt and bring change in the consistent evolving multichannel world.

Besides providing academic training in film and television we also take initiative to utilize films as a weapon of pedagogy of the oppressed as well as alternative media for people as we believe that a story driven by a genuine expression can  sure stimulate new thoughts that have the power to promote the fundamental principles of humanism,  expand creative frontiers,  stimulate new levels of compassion, and even lead to  significant level of social change. We travel across several remote places of the country, on invitation from civil society groups, unions and other democratic platforms, with films & social awareness videos. We live in a   consistently evolving digitalized world with massive ideas and values emanating from and affecting our human lives. In every part of the world, people in power are mapping our lives, at the political, economic, social and ecological levels.

Practices of all forms of dictatorships, corruption and injustice are all common human-made wrong  acts that are in turn tackled and resisted  by people across history and space through wars, revolutions, obedience or otherwise  by arts and performances. While we, the ordinary people may not have enough political, economic or even legislative power to implement changes in our social lives,  but we have at least the ability to impact feelings and ideas of others  through arts and performances that are proving to be more capable of influencing people’s attitudes and mentalities towards a positive and constructive improvement of same , and thus effectively and pacifically addressing their needs and challenges, as our duty and responsibility towards human and humanity .

Film is one such platform whereby actors and audience get transformed as “indirect activists,” addressing their own individual and social issues, resolving them and thus contributing to the achievement of a better world. It can thus go beyond  a platform of mere entertainment and social gatherings  and lead to communicate  right and required educational, social, political or religious messages as well.

We take the initiative to educate children and young adults through film, for which we travels across schools, neighborhoods and communities, screening films that invite our young friends to imagine, ponder, question and seek answers to things around them. We are also exploring the possibilities of building a functional web-based alternative media highlighting and amplifying voices of the working class people, and run by volunteers.



Royal Academy of Cinema & Performing Arts is a non-profit venture of HLC STUDIOS, a leading Multinational Media Conglomerate founded by the collegium of Eminent  award- winning writers, directors, producers and artists from all over the world. –The very first & only  institute in this state of West Bengal ,  which  is affiliated to University of Cambridge– UK, ICA– Boston, AFI- California , Film Society of Lincoln Centre- New York, UCLA- Los Angeles, The top 5 institutions of the Globe.



The Royal Academy of Cinema & Performing Arts , an educational initiative from Royal Society of Television and Motion Pictures,  is located in the heart of Kolkata, the cultural capital of India.

The campus is comprised of well-equipped classrooms, Audio visual lab, Studio, Library and production facilities. The instructional facilities include a 30 seat projection room that is equipped to 4K, High Definition and most other video formats, a professional quality soundstage with a suspended catwalk to give maximum lighting flexibility, multiple production stages where film students learn lighting, cinematography, directing, production design and all other aspects of film production in real world settings, a 30-seat dubbing stage and screening room designed for mixing the different sonic elements of a film–dialogue, sound effects, Foley, ADR and the musical score into a final multichannel soundtrack for delivery and theatrical presentation; a permanent green screen stage that allows students to shoot live action in front of the CYC then combine those elements with other images and visual effects; a Foley / ADR studio a Foley pit with multiple surfaces and materials to create and record performed sound effects, large screens to cue performers, and shotgun microphones. Students have access to textbooks, periodicals, reference books, and multimedia holdings. The library also has computer stations with internet access where students can access our extensive online databases. Students can access online learning resource materials anytime and anywhere through their portal.




The Royal Academy of Cinema & Performing Arts is founded by the award winning filmmakers, screenwriters, actors and artists from all over the globe. Through this academic organization we are trying to develop a film culture that inspires and brings together cross-cultural innovations that enrich people’s lives with entertainment: and services that inform educate and entertain.

Our faculties are the celebrated Actors, Directors, Screenwriters from Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Paris, Berlin, Toronto and Kolkata. We have collaboration with the leading film and fine arts academy like ICA Boston, UCLA, Film Society of Lincoln Centre and American Film Institute (AFI), California. We have mainly two types of faculties for every curriculum. Regular faculties and Guest faculties. Faculties from India take the classes in person and the overseas faculties will take the class remotely through video conference. We have an excellent set up of video conference in our Audio Visual Lab where students can interact directly with the instructors.

RACPA is located in Jadavpur, Kolkata, a city with strong roots in cinema and often recognized as the cultural capital of India. Our  existence in such a prime location provides the access to many of the industry’s top professionals to get easily associated with us . As such, our faculty is a team of award-winning, experienced entertainment business veterans and highly-qualified academic educators. Some members of the faculty teach between projects; others make the Academy their home base, creating a group of committed educators who are well-versed in current entertainment media development and production.


Prof. Dr. Sujoy Kumar Biswas

Director - Royal Academy of Cinema & Performing Arts

Prof. Dr. Sujoy Kumar Biswas is a Celebrated Motivational Speaker, Management Guru, Academician and Cinefile known for his popular Motivational TV Show "On theway to success along with Sujoy. Dr. Biswas holds a Bachelor in Civil Engineering, MBA, M.Tech and PhD from reputed universities. He has more than 30 years of working experience with various  Corporate and Educational groups , as creative and business heads . Dr. Biswas is currently with Techno India Universityand Techno India Group as the Director and CEOof  the Group, a leading education conglomerate  of Eastern India. Being theDirector and Working President of RACPA,Dr Biswas  oversee the operation and expansion of Academy across the World . He is also  the Vice president of West Bengal Para Olympic  Association and Director at Green Energy Development Corporation.


Ms. Papiya Adhikary

Visiting Faculty – Screen Acting

Papiya Adhikari is a renowned and eminent actress of Tollywood, known for Amar Mayer Shapath (2003), Pratigna (1985) and Agaman (1988). Papiya Adhikari's first released film was 'Sonar Sansar' directed Ratish De Sarkar in the year 1985. Adhikari was given the role of a lead actress in the play called 'Soshane Kandche Lakkhi'. On this, she bagged the best actress award from the west Bengal Government.



Mr. Chandan Sen

Visiting Faculty – Screen Acting

Chandan Sen is one of the most Senior Actor , Director in Bengali Film , Television and Theatre industry . He is an Arts graduate from the University of Kolkata. A student of Utpal Dutta and Ramaprosad Banik, Chandan has performed and received critical acclaim in many plays. One of the most acclaimed, appreciated Actor and director  and teacher to a no of todays successful film personalities .


Ms. Rita Dutta Chakrabarty

Visiting faculty – Screen Acting

An renowned and eminent actress , most popular face in character roll in Tollywood Cinemas. Televisions and Theatres worked in no of Bengali hit films





Arindam Bhattacharjee

HOD - Cinematography

Arindam is a Post graduate from Federation of Indian Photography & Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata . His long career  as DOP started  working with no of  leading Corporate brands for their Corporate and Ad  films like Emami , Khadim , Keya Seth , Hamdard , Shri Hari Jwellers etc followed by working with a huge list of Bengali Super Hit Cinemas worked with Directors like Ravi Ojha , Joy Mukherjee , Premanshu Roy etc .  He had also conducted Cinematography workshop in Bangladesh and Ramoji Academy of Film and Television ( RAFT ) . He is the visiting faculty in no of leading educational institutes including Techno India and others .


Swapan Das

HOD - Acting


Mr Swapan Das has pursued his  masters in Drama from Rabindra Bharati University.  He is a  dramatist in the leading theatre group like Rangakarmee , Natyan and many more for more than a decade .Worked in no of Tele serials and films in different roles he is also a puppet artist and closely associated with Indian Puppet Theatre. He is an eminent voice over artist worked in no of dubbing in big screens and small screens.