Education Methodology

At RACPA Film Institute Kolkata students’ creative abilities are mobilised and developed by different innovative approaches.


The institute is comprised of classrooms, audio visual lab, studio, library and production facilities.

Great Teachers

Our faculty is a team of award-winning, experienced entertainment business veterans and highly-qualified academic educators form all over the world.

Industry Exposure

RACPA Film Institute Kolkata is a non-profit venture of HLC STUDIOS, a leading multinational film production, and distribution company. So students will have direct industry exposure during and after the course.

Our Associates

Suvojit Naskar

Tapas Banerjee

Nadim Iqbal (Torrento)

Moumita Deb (Kolkata)

Mor Cohen (New York)

Shailik Bhaumik

Tusu Kundu

Anirban Mal

Aindrila Chatterjee

Ananya Jana

Our Teachers

Chandan Sen

Rita Dutta Chakraborty

Papiya Adhikari

Goutam Ghose